2012 Inventory

Geraldine Javier

October 9 - October 27, 2012

Gallery 3

Geraldine Javier chooses to call her latest one-woman exhibit, 2012 Inventory, her way of updating and collating her ideas into a full-blown series of mixed media works. She adds, “This series is an amalgamation of addiction for objects that accumulated through years of seemingly senseless/pointless buying of materials, ideas and materials from past projects, and the desire to combine 2D and 3D works.”

2012 Inventory is further inspired by the eclectic Filipino design sensibility, which is marked by a melting pot of influences, and, as Javier puts it, “a battleground of differing tastes, often characterized by overt sentimentality, religiosity, and horror vacui.”

Javier isn’t afraid to test her limits and break new, creative ground to stir her imagination as well as those of the viewers of her works. This latest collection is proof of her untiring desire to make sense of her continuously evolving environment and to unveil her diverging direction in art making.